Summer blues.

I recently noticed that my summer is almost gone.
This is extremely depressing because I have gotten almost nothing done that I wanted to.
My movie has barely been star
ted. I haven't been able to explore as much as I've wanted. And I'm still dealing with the same old problems.

What is really terrify is that my last year at school starts in less than 5 weeks. Which means that this next year is going to fly by. And I really hope I get the movie done. But then after that year what is going to happen?
I imagined I'd go to grad school, but I'm in no financial place to be doing so. The only way I could go to grad school next year is if I get a full ride or go to University of Texas in Austin, because I'd be in-state.

But I'm not even really sure if I want to do a production grad degree. Maybe I want to study history or film preservation. But a lot of this would mean leaving Chicago. Something I've become very attached to.

Maybe I should just chill out and work a bit harder at getting stuff done.

-September Undergraduate Film/Video Festival
-First feature: "Veracity: We All Shine On"

The last good movie I saw:
The Wind That Shakes the Barley (Palme d'or 2006)

Song that keeps playing:
Goodbye to You by Scandal

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